Jeff Solon Jazz

Durango and Telluride, Colorado

Jeff Solon is a jazz musician who plays tenor saxophone, harmonica, and flute, and performs regularly with his Jazz Duo, Groups, and Swing'n Big Band in the Durango, Telluride, and Southwest Colorado region. 

Please Enjoy These New

 "Taster Clips"

That Bassist Ely Rio

And Myself

Recorded In October 2016. 

photo: McCarson Jones

photo: McCarson Jones


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The Jeff Solon Jazz Trio                             with Pianist Jack Maynes and Bassist Ely Rio

This CD was released in June of 2014 with all of Jeff's original compositions and was recorded live.


Over the centuries in all societies, magicians, sorcerers, chemist, and philosophers have put their minds and spirits toward discovery, innovation, individuation, and esoteric philosophy.

They hunt for, uncover, and collect unique ingredients, throwing them into the magic pot, heating the potion to the exact temperature, stirring carefully, adding just the right pinch of the special herbs, spices, magic, and prayers. Cooked to the perfect point, the elixir is ready to be ingested for individual and cultural transformation.

The music composer with the help from the muses and the universe, grabs wisps of energy, emotion, feeling, experience and organizes the 12 notes of western music into structure and shape, continually stirring the creative juices until the melody and the harmony solidifies into a song. Jazzer’s go one more step further and create their improvisation in the moment, never repeating it again. 

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This recording is a conversation between two musicians that has been going on since Kev walked into my weekly Durango Jazz Session at Clancy's Pub in 1989. There are no words on this recording, but musical ideas, grooves, expression, spontaneity, tones, responses, emotions, creativity, textures, tensions, and releases. Plenty of words have passed during the road miles to Telluride and the regional gigs around Durango. The depth of those conversations and our individual journeys can be heard in this recording. We have also beheld nature in all its beauty and moods as we soared over the gorgeous earth as traveling jazz musicians. I'm thrilled to present to you another body of original music recorded with guitarist Kevin McCarthy. Kev, let's keep up the conversation.

Thank you for the gift of "Conversations". Wonderful compositions with a distinctive undercurrent of sophistication. Very pleasurable listening. Congratulations to you both.   Ron Fundinsland, Public Radio D.J. 



The J. S. Trio with

Jeff Solon - Tenor Sax and Harmonica 

Joyce Simpson - Vocals

Jeff Sweet - Keyboard 

The J.S. Trio was a group with Joyce Simpson - vocalist, Jeff  Sweet - keyboard, who passed away after a long battle with cancer, and myself on sax and flute. We all have the same initials, J.S. so we called the band the J.S. Trio. Joyce is a wonderful vocalist and great entertainer, the tunes are jazz standards and are very accessible to a wide range of listeners. Sweet kept it all together with his harmonies and great left hand bass, and I put on the melodic color and the solos. This recording is from a live performance at the Mancos Opera House in 2007.

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Always Harp'n with Kevin McCarthy

The Golden Portal with Kevin McCarthy

The Jeff Solon Swing'n Big Band

CD'S can be purchased at CDBABY or any of the digital downloads sites.

For physical copies and to buy directly from Jeff please contact 

Karyn Gabaldon Fine Arts 970-247-9018 

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